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Rosemary Musoleno as Oscar with Leo Nucci as Renato.
Rosemary Musoleno as Oscar
with Leo Nucci as Renato

Un Ballo in Maschera, Marseille Opera


Debut, Marseille Opera, France

Leo Nucci
Leona Mitchell
Walter Fraccaro
Rita Gorr

La Marseillaise:

"A very interesting discovery . . . that of a 'princely' Oscar: a truly lovely and youthful Rosemary Musoleno who, while singing with the greatest of ease as if it were child's play, gave us a sassy and sprightly performance."

Le Meridional:

"A very important revelation was Rosemary Musoleno, in disguise for the role of Oscar, the page, a singer who has already performed on our stage in the roles of Zerlina and Musetta! Displaying great self confidence and very mindful of musical values and accuracy, she gallantly projected to the heavens the fluid and brilliant tones of her soprano. For this, she was deservedly rewarded with long rounds of ovations!"

Le Provencal:

"Very impressive was Rosemary Musoleno, who Oscar was all thrills! Along with her personal charm and engaging stage presence -- she was rightfully greeted with a huge ovation!"

Opera International:

"The appearance of such young performers as . .  . Rosemary Musoleno (Oscar) and even more, Walter Fraccaro (Riccardo) with such an experienced cast might raise fears regarding the overall balance of the performance . .  . but proved totally unfounded. A very musical Rosemary Musoleno created an Oscar filled with life and performed her role with distinction."

Musetta, LA BOHEME

Debut, Puccini Festival, Torre del Lago, Italy

l'opera Magazine:

"In a performance filled with much brilliance and elegance, and a pianissimo in the Waltz somewhat light and floating, the Musetta of Rosemary Musoleno was a triumph."

Debut, San Diego Opera

Richard Leech, Rodolfo
Patricia Racette, Mimi
Mark Oswald, Marcello
Edoardo Muller, conductor

San Diego Union Tribune:

"The vibrant Rosemary Musoleno was a good casting choice in every respect. Musoleno's voice -- tightly focused, vivid and highly controlled -- was a good contrast for Racette's darker vocal color. And Musoleno's extroverted and charming acting was thoroughly convincing. With her mega-watt smile and expressive face, Musoleno had no difficulty whatsoever standing out in the seamlessly well directed chaos of Act II. She performed Musetta's Waltz splendidly, using cheerfully pointed phrasing."

San Diego Blade Citizen:

"And Rosemary Musoleno, who plays Musetta, is absolutely exceptional."

San Diego Times Advocate:

"Rosemary Musoleno struts and flirts in high style, with plenty of vocal ease to match."

San Diego Gay & Lesbian Times:

"Rosemary Musoleno's Musetta is fresh and free from the shrill, shrewish overacting of many sopranos who undertake this complex role. She brings the utmost thought and care to achieve a sympathetic, believable character rather than a brazen stage hussy."

San Diego Reader:

"Rosemary Musoleno, a soprano that also sings Mimi, has a bell-like, floating timbre that really sounded like a Mimi!"


Debut, Colorado Opera Festival

Martille Roland, Turando
Vincenzo Scuderi, Calaf

Opera Magazine, London:

"Simpatico soprano, Rosemary Musoleno, brought unusually ample tone to Liu, yet managed the requisite silken line and controlled her high notes gorgeously."

Opera News:

"Rosemary Musoleno brought more fire to Liu than one often sees, with her lovely, well-focussed soprano nearly ideal for the role."

Denver Post:

"Soprano Rosemary Musoleno took on the role of Liu, a difficult, one-dimensional affair. But Musoleno showed some of the fire possible in her role, standing up to Turandot as an example of what love can do in a woman. Rather than a whimp, this was a Liu memorable in her scenes."

Gazette Telegraph:

"Rosemary Musoleno nearly steals the show with her moving portrayal of the slave girl Liu. She knows the secret of projection: her voice fills the large hall even at a whisper."

Daily Camera:

". . . and soprano Rosemary Musoleno as the loveliest Liu that one can imagine."


"Rosemary Musoleno is a marvelous Liu -- an ideal Puccini heroine whose sweet voice and simple manner make you care for her and be horrified at her own suicide and weep at her funeral cortege."

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